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An innovative approach to a world class leisure destination

Lost Shore Surf Resort

Lost Short Surf Resort


Tartan Leisure Ltd


Ratho, Edinburgh



Thorough stakeholder engagement, robust sector knowledge and our collaborative approach has been critical in the development of this truly innovative project.

The background

The Lost Shore Surf Resort will be Scotland’s first and Europe's largest inland surf destination. What will become a world class facility is set to “change the landscape for Scottish tourism.”

Based in a disused quarry to the West of Edinburgh, the highly innovative complex comprises three buildings each with its own distinct character and energy arranged around a central sheltered plaza which benefits from fantastic views over the cove. The events block offers a large space for street food vendors to set up and serve high quality food and drinks to visitors using the food hall and events space. This space is large, flexible and flooded with natural light. Bi-folding doors allow the space to open out to the cove, bringing the outdoors into the building.

Lost Short Surf Resort5
Lost Short Surf Resort6

The central surfing block accommodates the Surf School Reception, Surf Shop, Health Spa, Wetsuit area as well as a High-Performance Centre and offices. Visitors are greeted at the reception area with views out over the water.

A standalone changing block based on a ‘changing village’ concept offers unisex and fully inclusive facilities for all visitors including large groups and families. The user's experience and privacy is fully respected through the provision of individual changing and shower cubicles for up to fifty people. External changing rooms and WCs are also provided.

Lost Short Surf Resort1

The Design Approach

Upon arrival, visitors embark on a journey through the folding landscaping, with the new Hub buildings providing a welcoming arrival destination. The orientation of the buildings was specifically influenced by the site topography, client brief, environmental considerations and also to frame the spectacular views across the surf cove. The sloping roof profile gives the buildings presence and allows them to peek above the surrounding landscaped mounds, increasing the visitors anticipation, adrenaline and excitement on approach.

These multi-functional buildings required extensive stakeholder engagement with an events management company, caterers, surf shop specialists, beauty therapy specialists and also Napier University in relation to the High-Performance Centre which provides space for training and video analysis.

The wetsuit collection & return process has been completely streamlined and promotes inclusivity, diversity, and equality.

The retail unit is immediately identifiable from the main entrance of the building and opens out into the main reception area therefore maximising shop floor and display space. The retail unit will also have the ability to spill out into the central plaza, to become an extension of the shop floor. Guests can also sit back and relax in the health space which offers space for manicures, pedicures and two private massage rooms. These spaces all benefit from natural light.

The High-Performance Centre provides space for training and video analysis. The space is completely open plan with natural light and direct access to outside. A higher ceiling also allows flexibility for a range of activities including skipping ropes and plyometric jumps.

The buildings sit harmoniously within the landscape and offer visitors an experience unlike any other attraction in Scotland.

Lost Short Surf Resort2

The impact

Each building design has been tailored to its specific function and harmoniously interacts to create an overall stimulating and very unique user experience. The user experience will be fun-filled, energetic or relaxing depending on the selected activities. This will be a truly positive and memorable experience for everyone, staff and visitors alike.

Lost Short Surf Resort3

The design is created around a user experience that will be fun-filled, energetic or relaxing. This will be a truly positive and memorable experience for everyone, staff and visitors alike.

David McNabb

Director of Architecture


Where Giants Roam

David Mc Nabb Director of Architecture Leisure Custodial lead

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