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Delivering creative, inspiring and stimulating environments

Oberlanders sector leisure

We design people focused spaces which promote physical activity, social integration, fun and wellbeing. Our sustainable environments prioritise functionality and operational efficiency, infused throughout with innovation and creativity.

A holistic approach to design

Designing innovative and exciting solutions with the visitor experience at their core is our priority. By working closely with clients, we ensure our designs reflect their commercial aspirations and deliver for the future. We consider inclusivity, equality and diversity, so our designs are delivered for everyone. Embracing flexibility ensures environments are future proofed and are technically focused on resolving functional requirements, with operational flow being a critical component. Sustainability, longevity, user safety and wellbeing are of paramount importance during the design process.

Transition Extreme

Designing for specialist facilities

Our ability to design to the unique and often technical and functional nuances required by specialist leisure facilities puts us at the forefront of this space, having designed and delivered many highly successful projects including a cricket academy, The Scottish National Equestrian Centre and various leisure centres.

Oberlanders sector leisure 2

Stewarts Melville College Swimming Pool

Oberlanders sector leisure 3

Scottish National Equestrian Centre

Success in leisure is synonymous with creating an exciting user experience within a competitive market that demands commercial viability. We design within this context. We strive for the creative art of the possible whilst being mindful of budget and timelines.

David McNabb

Director of Architecture

Projects in this sector

David Mc Nabb Director of Architecture Leisure Custodial lead

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