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Targeting net zero through holistic, sustainable design

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Navigating net zero can be confusing. We’re your interpreter and educator along the way.

Working with you as…

Sustainable Construction Advisors
There’s no wrong way to net zero. By considering the myriad of factors at play, we work with you to set the most appropriate sustainability strategy from the start. Sustainability becomes a core thread from the inception of every project with our specialists working to de-risk your net zero strategy.  We provide transparency on the art of the possible through a range of specialist services.  

Building Fabric Assessors
Every existing building is as unique as people are and each one has the potential to improve its energy and comfort for the occupants within it, without harming any character. We work with you to develop a feasible, sustainable, and functional design option, extending the building's life and ensuring its viability for future use. We explore and assess possible strategies to elevate the buildings' overall sustainable performance, always mindful of the realities of budget and timeline.

Passive House Designers
We are experienced in working to the leading international design standard with six certified Passive House Designers, and are members of the Passivhaus Trust. We have a comprehensive understanding of its principles and so our designs are created with maximum attention to detail and precise design according to these. Our designs are certified through a quality assurance process.

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As an industry, we have a huge challenge and some amazing opportunities ahead of us. If we listen to our peers and create extraordinary designs, we can deliver a better future for everyone.

Samantha McCabe

Director of Sustainability

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Sam Mc Cabe Director of Sustainability Service Lead

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