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Creating a contemporary café and social hub

Hub Cafe, Pioneer Building

Hub Cafe Pioneer Building4


Pioneer Group







This contemporary cafe space takes advantage of a beautiful parkland setting, created to provide a quality social retreat and cafe for campus tenants.

Edinburgh Technopole is a science research park located on the stunning rural parkland of the Bush Estate in Midlothian. Our team have been involved since the early 2000s through the design of various multi-occupancy buildings, one of which being the Pioneer Building. 

The Pioneer building accommodates a new park hub cafe on the ground floor of the short-wing, with stunning views out over the Bush Estate landscape. Designed by our Interiors team, the space provides a high quality multi-purpose social, cafe and collaboration space for the campus tenants.

Hub Cafe Pioneer Building
Hub Cafe Pioneer Building2

The project included the associated kitchen spaces, server and customer areas with linked outdoor space, including the detailed design of all elements and the selection of all furniture and finishes.

The cafe space features timber finishes along with a colour palette of natural tones reflecting the surrounding landscape to create a warm and inviting space. All furniture throughout the space is mobile to allow for reconfiguration to allow the space to adapt for broader use, including seminars and events to support the Technopole tenants.

Bikem Korkuter Mc Hugh Associate Interiors Lead

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