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BIM - Business Information Modelling

One model, one set of data, one version of the truth

BIM Hero

BIM can be complex and littered with jargon. We’ll work with you to realise the value of greater accuracy and efficiency, entirely bespoke to your circumstances.

Our BIM services

BIM Strategy Development
Before embarking on any BIM journey, you first have to understand your goal, then roadmap how to get there. We can work with you to identify how BIM best fits your needs by developing your strategy, a roadmap, and support throughout.

Information Management
By monitoring the quality, accuracy and performance of project design team BIMs, we can ensure that deliverables meet and exceed your expectations. We will drive the process forward on your behalf, leading meetings, undertaking audits and reviewing outputs.

Digital Portfolio Management
BIM level 2 has been mandated in public sector construction since 2017.  Many of these BIMs quickly become irrelevant, due to ongoing works not being reflected.  We can manage your BIM portfolio, helping you re-invest in this valuable resource so you have live and reliable information when you need it.

Scan to BIM
For clients who have an existing building portfolio and are looking for more efficiency and accuracy to manage these by going digital, we can help you harness the right technology to deliver the benefits you need, through our longstanding partnership with Adaptive Surveys.

BIM for Sustainability
We are developing automated data extraction to allow design teams to understand sustainability impacts quickly and accurately, enabling sustainability to be dynamically integrated into the design process.

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Working with Oberlanders has consistently provided excellent outcomes for our clients. We have a natural synergy providing value and meeting demanding programmes through advanced proven technologies and a deep understanding of BIM.

Jamie Watt

Director, Adaptive Surveys

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Mark Ackerley BIM Manager Service Lead

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