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Creating healthy environments that promote recovery

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Creating nurturing environments centred around patient and staff care is a philosophy which underpins all our healthcare work. We strive to unlock complexities and maximise potential, in pursuit of patients' wellbeing and recovery.

Putting patient care firmly at the centre of our approach to design

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA)
We are committed to harnessing the potential of this approach in healthcare design to further prioritise patient care. By integrating efficiencies into our designs through innovative and practical approaches to manufacturing and assembly, we can be faster and more efficient in our response to estate development demands. 

We take an engineering first approach to our healthcare architecture. When service distribution is designed into a concept and building flow it assists in reducing complexity at a later stage, which can add risk and ultimately inefficient clinical care. We want to ensure our designs offer flexibility and longevity through appropriate service distribution that works with our design approach. 

We go a step further in the interests of patient-centred care by working with our inhouse interiors team from the early stages of design. By overlaying the otherwise clinical function of our spaces with intuitive interior strategies, we elevate the wellbeing and inclusivity for all users; patients, staff and visitors alike.  

Healthcare buildings are complex. Our architects understand how to design for efficiencies in clinical pathways while supporting the needs of all users. Patients, staff and visitors alike. Combining these skills with innovative design is what we do. We set these standards for all our clients.

Paul Gilligan

Partner and Healthcare Lead

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Paul Gilligan Partner Sector Lead

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