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Delivering creative, inspiring and stimulating environments

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We design sustainable and nurturing environments which facilitate continuous learning, by solving the functional challenges behind the need for versatile, adaptable and inspiring space.


Experience in both the state and private sector means we know what works for pupils, teachers and funders. We design solutions to last by keeping materials robust and design solutions simple. Sequencing, phasing and buildability strategies which are focused on the safety and wellbeing of pupils and staff are at the core of our design principles. Robust testing of ideas and continuous stakeholder engagement enable designs which are fun, inspiring and future proof. 

Institute of Genetics Cancer

Further & Higher Education

Design has the power to attract talent and support innovation. Our goal is to work with clients to unlock the potential of space and create sustainable places to learn, innovate, socialise, collaborate and even live. Every institution has a unique culture and values and getting to the heart of this through extensive upfront stakeholder engagement is what shapes a space that helps students, staff and the wider community to thrive. 

From forest kindergartens to complex refurbishments and new build research and innovation facilities, our education experience spans the whole spectrum of education settings.

David McNabb

Director of Architecture.

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Philip Macdonald Managing Partner Sector Lead

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