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As a team of specialists, not generalists, you receive diversity of thought, deep technical competence and expert know-how.

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Architectural Design

True to your vision, and our word

Our role as architects is to bring your vision to life and create spaces and places that make people happy.

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Targeting net zero through holistic, sustainable design

Navigating net zero can be confusing. We’re your interpreter and educator along the way.  

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Masterplanning & Placemaking

Creating inspiring centres for growth and community

We aspire to create places that help community and commerce to connect and flourish, always through the critical lens of commercial viability.

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Transforming spaces with beautiful and functional designs

We specialise in elevating spaces through innovative interior design solutions that captivate, inspire and enrich the human experience.

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One model, one set of data, one version of the truth

BIM can be complex and littered with jargon. We’ll work with you to realise the value of greater accuracy and efficiency, entirely bespoke to your circumstances.

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Bringing design aspirations to life

We bring a design concept to life, through a tangible vision which conveys how an otherwise abstract world will look and feel.

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Realising the power to impact wellbeing through inclusive design

Wellbeing embodies a people-first philosophy in building design, recognising the user as the most valuable asset within any architectural endeavour.

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Principal Designer

Mitigating design risk for every project

Since the inception of the CDM regulations in 2015, Principal Designer services have been integral to every aspect of our project work.

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The diversity across our team is one of our proudest achievements as a practice. With diversity of people comes diversity of thought and the ability to provide every type of expertise in one place. Our services are considered as threads running through each project, compelling us to take a holistic and thoroughly considered view of our designs.

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With broad sector coverage comes the opportunity to cross pollinate new approaches and innovate in our designs.

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Philip Macdonald Managing Partner Sector Lead

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