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Transforming spaces with beautiful and functional designs

Private residential apartment

We specialise in elevating spaces through innovative interior design solutions that captivate, inspire and enrich the human experience.

Elevating architecture

Good interior design is the keystone of a spatial experience. Beyond simple aesthetics, it creates atmosphere, evokes joy, fosters creativity and contributes to wellbeing. Each touch point has the opportunity to impact the success of a space, from how we see a natural flow of light to the texture of materials. Interiors possess the ability to elevate architecture from structures to immersive experiences by breathing life into a space. 

They enhance functionality as well as aesthetic appeal and when carefully curated should form a harmonious relationship with the architecture.  When the interior conversation is aligned with architectural design, one complements and enhances the other to elevate architecture beyond the sum of its parts.

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Private residential apartment6

Inclusion and accessibility is at the core of our interior design and our aim is to provide timeless solutions that create spaces to be enjoyed by everyone. Without a house style, our team has the freedom to engage their creativity to the full on each project. Our influences are garnered from a spectrum of sectors to broaden the possibilities for contextual and inspiring interior design

Bikem Korkuter McHugh

Interiors lead

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Bikem Korkuter Mc Hugh Associate Interiors Lead

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