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Bringing design aspirations to life

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We bring a design concept to life, through a tangible vision which conveys how an otherwise abstract world will look and feel.

Oberlanders visualisation bronze tier


Conceptual images are ideal to express the key aspects of the architectural design. These visuals focus on the architectural form and spatial relationships and they provide a glimpse of the occupant's experience. They can be used to explore different design options and materials through the lens of stylised aesthetics.

Oberlanders visualisation silver tier


These visuals offer a higher level of detail and realism. They focus on a strong composition, detailed architectural features, advanced lighting setups, and bespoke interior design elements. They are ideal for planning applications and marketing material as they aim to build a narrative that resonates with the viewer.

Oberlanders visualisation gold tier


These visuals are generated either by our in-house expert team or through collaboration with trusted external studios. This approach is chosen for large-scale projects or when dealing with underdeveloped designs that require extensive designing and modelling. Additionally, these visuals provide higher resolution and are well-suited for large display boards.

We transform abstract ideas into tangible experiences, empowering our clients to make informed decisions and feel truly connected to their future space. Through immersive visualisations, our team aims to enhance communication and ensure smooth project progression.

Dafne Stavridi

Visualisation lead

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Dafne Stavridi Architect Visualisation lead

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