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Conservation + Heritage

Respectful and pragmatic conservation architecture

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By honouring a building's heritage through the lens of modern architecture, we respectfully blend heritage with contemporary living.

Pragmatic conservation

There is magic in the old which serves to both educate and inspire us. As architects we are duty bound to respect and conserve our unique and precious heritage, whatever form that takes. The creative potential when blending the old with the new takes us on a design journey which reimagines existing buildings in the context of modern day living - how buildings are used and their environmental impact. Bringing a commercial mindset to design ensures we address the realities of budgets and timescales by facilitating pragmatic compromise to avoid financial pitfalls while always remaining aspirational. When working with developers, we lead with a sensitive and commercially viable approach by blending our expertise in conservation architecture with modern architectural design principles.

The design of the site shows an excellent understanding of the historical development of the area and the buildings on the site. This has allowed the architects to create a scheme which is both sympathetic and dynamic, creating high quality urban design and architecture.

City of Edinburgh Planning for Springside Housing

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