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Creating a sanctuary of style and comfort

Private Residential Apartment

Private residential apartment


Private Client


St Andrews



The collaboration with interior design Julia McKeough resulted in a sophisticated interior that seamlessly merges modern luxury with subtle Scottish inspiration

Private residential apartment1

The design approach

The space radiates refined elegance, achieved through meticulously curated lighting, accessories, and furnishings that exude opulence without excessive ornamentation. Drawing from Scotland's rich heritage and natural beauty, we incorporate subtle nods to Scottish motifs and materials, such as rich mahogany accents and tweed upholstery, imbuing the space with warmth and character.

The interplay of textures extends throughout the entire space, from the plush upholstery of the furnishings to the softness of the drapery fabrics. Each element is carefully selected to evoke a sense of tactile luxury and comfort. Layers of texture are also incorporated into the flooring, with the use of plush carpets, hardwoods and natural stone tiles to add warmth and dimension to the rooms.

Private residential apartment7
Private residential apartment3

In the layout of the apartment, thoughtful consideration is given to the flow of space and the relationship between different areas. Open-plan living areas seamlessly transition into private retreats, creating a sense of cohesion and harmony throughout the space. The layout is designed to maximise natural light and views, while also providing intimate settings for relaxation and entertainment.

Our approach to lighting is equally deliberate, employing strategically placed fixtures to enhance ambiance and highlight architectural features, instilling a sense of drama and sophistication.

Private residential apartment5
Private residential apartment6
Private residential apartment10

The impact

Every detail, from bespoke accessories to custom furnishings, is meticulously chosen to elevate the space and evoke a timeless sense of luxury. The result is an apartment that exudes understated elegance and refined sophistication, offering a sanctuary of style and comfort for the discerning resident.

Private residential apartment9
Private residential apartment8

This was a wonderful project to work on. The layout is designed to maximise natural light and views, while also providing intimate settings for relaxation and entertainment.

Bikem Korkuter McHugh

Interiors Lead


Chris Berridge

Bikem Korkuter Mc Hugh Associate Interiors Lead

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