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An award winning example of collaborative design delivery

Regional winners award for Deloitte’s 'Future of Work' Offices

Win pciture BCO awards Scotland 26 April


Christine Kiltie


29 April 2024

Alongside Perkins and Will and Troup Bywaters + Anders, Oberlanders celebrate the ‘Fit Out of Workplace’ award at the annual BCO Awards Scotland 2024.

Celebrating the finest examples in office design and development across Scotland was the focus for the British Council for Offices (‘BCO’) annual awards lunch.

As part of the design team responsible for delivering Deloitte’s ‘Future of Work’ offices in Edinburgh, Oberlanders received the award which takes the project through to the finals at the National Awards Dinner in London later this year.

This collaboration is a wonderful example of the International Design Alliance (IDeA) Network in action, where Oberlanders were appointed by Perkins and Will to oversee the on-site execution of their original design intent.

The whole design team is incredibly proud of the deserved win for a project that has been described by the client as a physical manifestation of their culture – a place for collaboration, connection and innovation.

Onto the Nationals!

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It's been an absolute pleasure working on this project to deliver a truly inspiring and now award winning workplace for Deloitte! Huge congratulations to all the winners!

Bikem Korkuter McHugh

Associate & Interiors Lead

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