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Oberlanders join forces with Constructing Science to fast track construction for UK life sciences

Establishing a blueprint for life science building design

Constructing Science 002


Christine Kiltie


21 May 2024

This ground-breaking project provides a common language and clear trajectory of travel for the design of life science spaces.

Across the world, life sciences is continuing to receive significant investment as a leading-edge and flourishing sector, with the UK Government having set out its ambition to become ‘the leading global hub in Life Sciences’ by 2030.

With Oberlanders roots in design for science and technology, we are passionate about contributing to this goal and so have joined colleagues from across the built environment to become part of Constructing Science.

The consortium recognises the vital role they can play in driving for a common language and approach to making the Government’s vision a reality and so together are addressing the question of ‘how should we be designing science buildings?’.

The current lack of suitable laboratory premises threatens to hold back the growth of the sector, creating a major blocker to Government ambitions. Whilst steps are being taken to alleviate demand, it continues to outgrow supply. Speed is of the essence.

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A first of it’s kind dynamic building model alongside building standard guidance published by the consortium, gives decision makers a common understanding and framework for good design practice to help fast track the creation of life science construction, based on a powerful collective experience of designing, developing, operating and working in laboratory facilities.

As a recent addition to the Consortium, Oberlanders have co-published the latest guidance around Operational Readiness.

Download the report here.

We're excited and primed as we continue to enhance this guidance in pursuit of delivering on the UK's ambition.

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