CH Architecture and Oberlanders Merge

CH Architecture and Oberlanders Merge

We are pleased to announce that as of the 1st August, CH Architecture and Oberlanders Architects will merge, with Catriona Hill becoming an Oberlanders Partner.

The merger is a culmination of a very successful collaboration that has grown over the last two and a half years and we are delighted to welcome Catriona and her team into the Oberlanders family. With a shared sense of vision and purpose, we have been able to support each other very effectively in delivering a wide variety of projects for our existing clients, not only in the north of Scotland, but in many other parts of the country too.

Through this merger, we will blend the extensive skills and experience of Catriona and her team into a single business along with our existing offices in Edinburgh and Oxford. This will provide us with a really exciting platform to grow our business and enable us to share knowledge, experience and opportunity in a very agile, locally focused and sustainable way.

Catriona is a highly experienced architect, who previously worked for Benson + Forsyth and contributed to the Museum of Scotland and National Gallery of Ireland projects. She moved to work for RFK to help develop a portfolio of commercial projects in London.  After 16 years in the city she decided to move to the north to carry out a self-build project and this led to the establishment of CH Architecture in April 2014.

Renting a small office within the local development trust premises, this sparked a relationship with KoSDT and lead to the development of Falls of Shin and Ardgay Regeneration Projects amongst others.  She grew CH Architecture by employing a number of highly talented students from the University of Highlands and Islands and this has cemented her relationship with the University.

Signing the Partnership agreement today, Catriona said:

“CH Architecture has had the great fortune to work on a number of rewarding projects and has managed to build a strong base in the Highlands.   As opportunities grow so does the need for resources.   Merging with Oberlanders, who share our vision to deliver carefully considered projects, allows us to offer our clients a stronger and more robust service and a wider range of resources.”

Catriona and her team will remain in their offices at Ardgay and she will lead the growth of Oberlanders in the Highlands and Islands as well as supporting other projects throughout the UK.

Please do not hesitate to contact Phil Macdonald (Managing Partner) or Catriona Hill, if you have any questions.